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            Cree has introduced 3 levels of brightness adjustment change LED bulbs

            2014-6-11    source:    Author:  Viewed:1026

            Renowned LED lighting solutions company from the United States launched its latest Cree LED bulb products. The series has three segments power, three levels of brightness adjustment. Switch between the brightness of the new products can be offered in 30W, 60W and 100W incandescent, at the same brightness, known than traditional incandescent bulbs 90% energy saving.


            Cree said, the system energy-saving lamps or incandescent bulbs always disappointing, because both the brightness control basically no difference. In contrast, Cree company Level 3 LED bulbs can be switched between 320 lumens and 820 lumens and 1620 lumens. This means can be visually perceived brightness changes significantly, there is a significant energy saving effect, a power consumption of three brightness 3W, 8W and 18W.

            Which lamp life is expected to reach 25,000 hours, 2700K color temperature of the light emitted, and this type of light is called soft white light. Cree company said 320 lumens provide more mood lighting, 820 lumens provide good reading light, and the brightest illumination provides 1620 lumens can be compared with ordinary light bulbs.


            Currently this 3 files dimming LED bulbs are available now, priced at $ 24.97 (about 156 yuan).

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